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Boundary Disputes

Illustrating a span of almost 40 years, our archive includes repeat coverage of most areas on a four to five year cycle. We could therefore hold the conclusive evidence you need, which could prevent expensive legal bills or cut short lengthy negotiations.

Over the years we have solved hundreds of Boundary Disputes and our research could bring a swift solution to a usually stressful situation.

Our examples show the precise detail which can virtually settle such a dispute overnight:

Because of the vast number of images we hold, they are referenced only by area rather than individual address or postcode. Therefore any research involves considerable time and patience.

Firstly, we must check our mapping systems which will show the years we have film coverage of the area in question. We then carefully sift through hundreds even thousands of images to unearth every available piece of photographic evidence which may assist.

We supply duplicate A4 size prints of all relevant findings supported by letters which authenticate the precise filming date of all photographs.

Our research can be completed by post but you are more than welcome to visit our office in Leeds to sit in on the research process, see our contact page for directions.

Prices start from just £69

Ours is a family run business where honesty and integrity are still all important and customer service is our absolute priority.

We will only undertake a research where we feel we have a realistic chance of producing results, but please understand that research costs will apply regardless of findings.